I have an idea for you.

With 15 years’ experience in residential, institutional, and commercial architecture and construction I am passionate about clean and simple designs whose priorities are to embrace and serve users, are in harmony with the environment, and are beautiful, while using tested techniques and materials intended to last. 


-          Project programming  

-          Conceptual design through construction documents 

-          Site analysis

-          Interior and exterior finishes and material selections 

-          Documentation of existing conditions 

-          Facility assessment 

-          Construction observation and administration

-          Coordination with engineering and construction teams

If you…

-          have a project

-          have an idea but need to refine the details

-          have a sketch but need a construction drawing

-          need help reviewing zoning and code requirements

-          need help preparing permit drawings

-          need accurate dimensioned drawings of your existing space

-          want to discuss how to make your project sustainable

-          want to visualize your project in 3D

I am here to help. 

I am committed to…

-          your satisfaction with the result

-          a creative and efficient design

-          craftsmanship

-          an innovative approach 

-          accurate representation  

-          durable and honest materials

-          sustainable design

-          working with your contractor until the project is complete 


For more information, and to start your project, please email or call:

Jason Meyering    |    |    734.834.2408

You can also connect with and find out more about Jason Meyering Architecture on Houzz